Model OS version Status
Bold 9700 ? need report
Storm 2 9520 ? need report
Storm 2 9550 ? need report
Curve 8520 4.6 ~ 5.0 work
Tour 9630 ? work
Curve 8900 ? work
Storm 9500 ? work
Storm 9530 ? need report
Pearl Flip 8220 ? need report
Bold 9000 4.6 ~ 5.0 work
Pearl 8110 4.2 ~ 4.5 work
Pearl 8120 4.2 ~ 4.5 work
Curve 8320 4.2 ~ 4.5 work
Curve 8310 4.2 ~ 4.5 work
Curve 8300 4.2 ~ 4.5 work
8820 4.2 ~ 4.5 work
8830 World Edittion 4.2 ~ 4.5 work
8800 4.2 ~ 4.5 work
Pearl 8100 4.2 ~ 4.5 work
8707v 4.1 ~ 4.2 work
8700 4.1 ~ 4.5 work
7130 g ? not work/need report
7130 c ? not work/need report
7130 v ? work! had to repeat the restore for 2 times for the browser service to appear. thank Ronen
7100x ? not work/need report
7100t ? not work/need report
7100v ? not work /need report
7290 ? need report
7230 ? not work/need report
6720 ? not work /need report
6230 ? not work /need report

About Service Book for BlackBerry IM client (Yahoo messenger, Gtalk, AIM, MSN):

The IM client need BlackBerry Service to work. If you don’t have BlackBerry Plan is doesn’t work.

More info here




– Download the Yahoo Messenger 2.0 service book

– Open Desktop Manager and restore it to your device.

– Manually register your handset with the RIM network via the HRT editor: Options > Advanced Options > Host Routing Tables > Menu > Register Now

– Load your own backup back to the device.

Log into your BIS account (the same thing you did when you first set up your BB people!) and re-send service books

– Download Yahoo Messenger from

* If applicable, regenerate encryption keys for Desktop Manager or BES. If you’re on a BES, again, make sure your BES admin can create a policy allowing Yahoo IM traffic.

** If the service does not work right from the install, try doing a hard reset (pulling/reinserting battery).


The Red text it mean you must have BB Plan


24 Responses to “Report Woking”

  1. Synd_Rome Says:

    Hey there anworm,

    great job you are doing here!
    But unfortnatly the way(s) you discribed to enable the browser don’t work on my BB 7230 (OS v4.0.0.188)!
    The reason is simple: I can’t load the service books onto my BB by BDM! I tried to enable legacy SB restore mode but nothing happens on my BB model by holding ALT and pressing S B E B.
    Is there any other method to add service books?
    I’m using a prepaid card and have no BB-Option/Service.
    The BB is unlocked and i’ve also removed the IT policy!
    I’ve removed the battery and inserted it again. Also reinstalled the OS.
    I’ve tried to upload the service books with BDM v4.0/ v4.5/ and v5.0.
    I hope there is a solution to this problem.
    Maybe an older OS version where it is possible to load service books manually?

    Best regards!

  2. Ronen Says:

    works on 7130v, i had to repeat the restore for 2 times for the browser service to appear.

  3. Mohammd Shahabuddin Says:

    Thanks for great help. I have got a blackberry 7290 as a gift from one of my students. It is an outdated model with no extra feature except browsing but at a price that is beyond the reach of an average Indian. my service provider is Airtel. I tried all of your details to activate the browser by updating the service book. The icon appeared but it did not connect. It gave the following message:

    “The Currently Configured Browser profile, with CID of “Browser Confiq” does not have an associated protocol stack registered with the browser. YOu must either change to another Browser configuration (via Browser Options to Browser Configuration) or load a Browser protocol stack for this CID.”

    my SP’s apn is : and i also got its dns no. also.

    I removed IT policy, reinstalled the OS twice and then downgrade it. Unfortunately, I internet to running good in 7290 through Opera Mini and bold browser but when I was installing a theme my phone got error and since then non of the browser is running. I erased all the software manually and reinstalled OS but it still didn’t work.

    YOur help will be highly appreciated.

    Thank you

  4. Tarun Kabra Says:

    Hi Anworm, thanks for the great help. Service books worked perfectly on my BB Storm 9530 with device OS 4.7. But unfortunately I could get the browser after upgrading to OS 5.0 by using these service books. Though service books were properly uploaded and browser was visible, but after a battery pullout, browser is gone. Please help, am I missing something.


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  6. speccy Says:


    I used ur wifi sb on my 9550. It works.
    However I have a query.

    When using BB with WiFI capability, pl tell me – once I enable data plan, when I am in WiFi zone, How do I ensure that wifi is used for data & not my EVDO connection?
    If I switch off data, then wifi also doesn;t work.
    If Data is ON, I am not sure if wifi is being used or expensive data ???
    Pl advice
    9550 user

  7. kevin Says:

    it does not work on the 9700 bold phone with tmobile

  8. Shjinigami Says:

    7230 : Not work ! The Legacy mode couldn’t be enable.

  9. Balasardin Says:

    9530 works for tcp and wifi! Thank you buddy!

  10. Marc Says:

    I have a BB 8520. In Swizerland. I loadet the service book for all Networks. It works very well with the BB-Browser but i can’t use Gmail application or shangmail. Could you help me?

  11. Gypsy Says:

    I have tmobile BlackBerry Bold 9700> I purchased unlock code from anworm and unlocked phone to use with simple mobile service. Downloaded service books. Blackberry browser works, blackberry app world, gmail app, google voice and maps, pandora, uber twitter, bitbop and others. Only thing that does not work. Blackberry messenger,MMS, Instant message apps, facebook, myspace app, twitter for blackberry. anworm has done an excellent job. I am very satisfied with the function of my blackberry without BIS thanks to anworm.

  12. Joe Says:

    Good Job!
    I have a storm 9530 I installed de service books and it work but it is very veryyyyy slowwwwww,almost get stuck..the network is showing edge and not EDGE in t mobil,with ny other smartphone I have not problems Nokia E71,Do you have any idea of what can it be?

  13. Jose Pablo Says:

    It works very well in a blackberry 8520, OS 5

  14. Dale Says:

    Works with BB/8330m. Boost Mobile Flash on Sprint network (3g). All services work w/NO data plan with the exception of BB email. Logic Mail and my own mail server took care of that problem.

  15. Shezi Says:

    Hi i have bb 8900c … please help me .. i dont have bis and it’s really expensive in my country .. browser and google map working fine thru GPRS .. but i can’t login in any messenger MSN/Yahoo/Gtalk .. if any solution to run it please help .. thanks in advance

  16. h r nayak Says:


  17. Shahad Says:

    YES!!!!!!!!!I Finally got it working for my 9800 Torch
    Thnks a lot……

  18. Vinay Says:

    Hi, thanks for the browser service book.
    It works great. I was hoping if something similar is available for using BB GTalk application on my blackberry to work on TCP internet.

  19. Shiladitya Says:


    I have a verizon unlocked strom 2 9550 . I tryed to Enable BlackBerry Browser without BIS/BES s per your given method . But after restoring given SB I can see the browser config but after few sec it disappears automatically from SB . browser selection will disappears from browser config drop down menu with one option hotspot browser.



  20. the link has been removed. please email me other link to download the yahoo messenger 2.0 service.

  21. Monica Says:

    I have an unlocked 9630 Tour world phone… but it was on Sprint network. I want to use it on a different CDMA carrier, Verizon. If I change the vendor ID will this allow me to program ‘over the air’ from dialing *228? Thank you

  22. P0RN0 Paul Says:

    I have a 9360 Apollo Curve from Koodo Mobile (Telus subsidy) it works great. Browser hack works very well. I refuse to use the email hack with Shangmail because of expiry dates. I can’t have my email just stop working or run out the date I’m on the road somewhere. So I use LogicMail now. I used your browser hack only I had to do a little exporting and modification so the book didn’t get written over when Koodo pushed the books to my phone a little tricky to get working with OS7 but definitely worth it. Browser Hack, TCP4BIS hack, provisioning, wappush, the only thing I can’t figure out is the Maps service book i change it to look exactly like the one in OS7 so it wont get written over and then just my own touch to it. Under IT Policy in options menu, it displays my browser service book and my maps [lbs] whatever service book. But for some reason the gps n maps only last about 20 mins after a battery pull and then the altogether stops running. I think ithat one service book is getting overwritten. I dunno .

  23. endy Says:

    Tried it on a Bbb 9800, did enable it and a yellow like browser icon appear on ma screen, but unfortunately if i tried using the native browser it says cannot connect to the internet!!! I need help urgently please!!!!

  24. Endy Says:

    Tried it on a Bb 9800, did enable it backed it up and restored it as instructed and a yellow like browser icon appear on ma screen, but unfortunately if i tried using the native browser it says cannot connect to the internet!!! I need help urgently please!!!!

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