Unlock BlackBerry with usb cable and software is free. But some new model like 9700 or 9630 … cant be unlocked by software. And with someone not have PC skill (software or hardware), unlock with pc and USB cable maybe kill their BlackBerry and make it become a paper holder.

The easiest way to unlock your BlackBerry is buy the Unlock code.

see How to unlock BlackBerry with code.

Buy BlackBerry unlock code

7$ for all gsm model

After Purchase send me your info:

First download this tool:
blackberry_mep_reader- on rapidshare.com
blackberry_mep_reader- on 4shared.com
blackberry_mep_reader- on mediafire.com

blackberry mep reader – on Google Docs

blackberry_mep_reader on dropbox

if mep reader not work try this

FBL – on 4shared.com

FBL – on rapidshare.com

FBL – on mediafire.com

FBL – on Google Docs

FBL on dropbox

Run the blackberry_mep_reader.exe Then connect your BB to PC

Click to Read Blackberry Handset Info

If you can’t run MEP reader on your computer

Please contact me via Gtalk anworm@gmail.com or skype anworm


Send IMEI and MEP info to me.

Please use email that you pay via PayPal to send info to me. (other enail will be refused)

I will send code to you after 24 hours when i check my PayPal Balance.

email: anworm@gmail.com

Email Subject: Blackberry Unlock Code

Your Name:

Your BlackBerry Model: 9630

Your BlackBerry IMEI: 355256023xxxxxx

Your BlackBerry MEP code: MEP-092xx-00y

Please send MEP code  with this format MEP-xxxxx-yyy (not PIN code, or IMEI, or something else)

If your MEP not like above i cant get unlock code for you.


55 Responses to “BlackBerry Unlock (code unlock)”

  1. whok Says:

    i have read your articles with interest. i see you have instruction on how to change IMEI number on blackberry 8900. could you send me the link please.

    great service you are provoding

  2. anworm Says:

    ok i wil make guide how to change IMEI and PIN as soon as i have free time.

  3. gary Says:

    I’ve got myself in a mess. I wanted boost 8330, but got sprint instead. This thing won’t send pic text, play video. it has opera mini on it. can’t get it to connect with my laptop either. HELP

  4. gary Says:

    This will help my sprint 8330 working on boost $50 month plan

  5. anworm Says:

    i will check about unlock cdma blackberry for you. i will email you as soon as i can

  6. unlock codes Says:

    Well done, i like your site design and content ofcorse.

  7. anworm Says:

    sorry i only support unlock code for GSM BlackBerry.
    if you want use sprint 8330 with boost, just go to boost service and ask them naming your sprint 8330 device to their network.

    good luck

  8. gianfranco Says:

    hi, can i know how change imei number on 8900 BlackBerry? thanks, Gianfranco (whok, have you changed your imei number?).

  9. gabor Says:

    Great service!


  10. son Says:

    I bought second hand blackberry but my pin and imei was suspended. i don’t know what i have to do.is there anyway i can use bis?

  11. son Says:

    I bought second hand blackberry but my pin and imei was suspended. i don’t know what i have to do.is there anyway i can use bis?

  12. kums Says:

    i have got a blackberry from AT&T, got it unlocked locally.

    now can i upgrade my blackberry OS??

    blackberry curve 8310/
    Now i have, V

  13. joseruther Says:

    hola tengo una bb 8900 bloqueada por imei, sabeis si se puede cambiar el imei en este modelo, a ver si whok o gianfranco que veo tienen el mismo problema me pueden decir algo, o cualquiera que sepa algo al respecto, gracias de antemano, un saludo.

  14. nicky Says:

    Hi, I unlocked my bb 9700 so I can bring it to greece cuz I moved here, everything works perfect but the bad part is that I don’t have bbm and my wifi icon isn’t white its only gray, they told me that I need a bb plan but my island doesn’t support it 😦 is there a way that my wifi icon turn into white so without a bb plan??? PlEase help me!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. prashil Says:

    I have recently unlocked my Blackberry 8900.initially i had a great problems for unlockig it. i had referred many videos on youtube and other sites but it worked only temporarily.As i was about to give up my brother friend referred me to visit http://blackberrymepunlockcodes.com .I recommend it to EVEYONE who wants to unlock thier phones best unlocking service i have ever used by far.Now i am using my mobile phone with any service provider in every part of the country.

  16. ferp Says:

    prashil is a buster i mean the site he speaks of is decent but anworm here is not only giving us a better price but he is also providing us with other methods, like soft unlock and stuff 🙂 can you truly change imei though? i thought that was some sort of hardware thingy not really sure tho bye 🙂

  17. anworm Says:

    Thank for your words ferp.

    Yes I can change IMEI and PIN but it only apply for some old model like 87xx, 88xxm 81xx, 83xx.

    but i not commnent you do that.

  18. h2sone Says:

    Anh có thể chỉ e cách bỏ dòng “Activation Required” trên máy được k ạ 😦 ! Em đang dùng BB 9650.
    Cảm ơn a rất nhiều!

  19. joey Says:

    I have a blackberry bold 9700, which I bought from a friend and I supsect has been blocked is there any way u can change imei number so I can use it again? I don’t mind paying. At the moment I can use internet services and facebook etc but cannot make or recieve calls or sms


  20. Gypsy Says:

    Sounds like it is still locked to tmobile. Did you purchased unlock code? if not just unlock the phone. You did not supply enough info to get much help.

  21. Marie Says:

    I’ve a blackberry 8350i but i cant recieve or send text i cant browse the interbet with out having opera mini and I have the aps for facebook and twitter but they dont work and my bbm also dont can you help me please and I have a boostmobile plan

  22. Lothar Says:

    I just unlocked my BB 9800 Torch with the unlockcode provided by anworm..it worked! Really fast response to my E-Mail and approx. 5€ for unlocking this device is really fair.

    I used the FBL Reader to get out my IMEI and MEP-ID..
    I created my own service books based on the description here (it’s in german):

    Browser is working with WLAN and 3G..
    Youtube is working..
    Facebook is not working at the moment..need to fix this.
    Text Messages work.
    E-Mail is not working at the moment..i’m working on this one.
    BB Store is working.
    Haven’t checked all Tools yet..

    I made my Service books for the Austrian Provider Telering.


    Thanx to Anworm for the quick Service!

  23. ed Says:

    Hi there, Could you tell me how to change the imei number and unlock my blackberry bold 9780 smartphone please. I have been given it by a fried who has been in dispute over a bill with vodafone and it seems they have blocker the imei number. Many thanks in advance.

  24. anworm Says:

    No you cant change IMEI PIN on new model like 9780.

  25. ed Says:

    Thanks for the speedy reply! Oh well I guess it goes in the bin! What a waste. Thanks for the info!

  26. Erick S. Says:

    Anworm, can you to unlock a Curve 8520? using IMEI and MEP codes? your program is reading my Curve and give the codes… I want to know… if the model is fine to try unlock code.

  27. anworm Says:

    yes if you can get IMEI and MEP i can unlock it for you

  28. Erick S. Says:

    Done!. Please check Paypal. 😉

  29. sarah Says:

    Hi I think my blackberry bold 9700 has been blocked… As it won’t make or reiecve calls or texts how can I get it working again?

  30. white Says:


  31. anworm Says:

    You can buy an unlock code to unlock it.

  32. mohammed bilal Says:

    hey i brought a blackberry 8900 off gumtree.com and it worked for 3day now it is blocked aka barred i was wondering if you can change my imei number to clone my phone or if i unlock it will it work on a other network it is on t-mobile plz help
    thanks you mo

  33. Ron Thompson Says:

    Hey there how much in Canadian dollars to have a BB Pearl 8120 unlocked it is on Rogers network right now the phone has NO money owed it is a clean fone I just want to unlock it so I can put my FIDO sim in and use the WIFI (even though I can use WIFI now but not totally with the default browser)
    I await your response
    Also is it an easy phone to self unlock im downloading your guide as we speek
    Thank You from Canada! eH!

  34. Deepak Dua Says:

    Hi, I found pdf file created by you to unlock blackberry, its written in step 9 to copy VSM folder to C:\MML folder but there is no link to download it. Could you please send me link to download VSM files. I have BB8900 curve.

  35. Hi,

    Check this to unlock your Blackberry. I hope this Website http://blackberryimeiunlockcode.com provide you good Customer Support

  36. Hi,

    Check this to unlock your Blackberry. I hope this Website http://gsmblackberryunlockcode.com provide you good Customer Support

  37. mehul Says:

    i tried using mep reader, it keeps saying, waiting for the phone,
    then tried, FBL also, it reads the correct imei but MEP says “N/A”.
    what does that mean?
    I am really stuck here, i would really appreciate your help.
    thank you in advance.

  38. ICE Says:

    i am an 9650,, whoever had it tried to unlock it and screwed it says network blocked i have a good un lock code for it can u help

  39. katrena Says:

    can u tell me ive bought a blackberry 8520 when i got it home the imie number is blocked can i change the imie number thanks…

  40. 9000 Says:

    I would suggest you guys use any unlocking service. Now a days it is very cheap as low as 6 CAD and there are few which are free too. I tried all the different ways to unlock my bold 9000 and ended up in dead phone. Fortunately, i got a replacement from Rogers. Then i tried using unlock code and it worked.

  41. Hi,

    Best Blackberry unlock code provider on the website ,fast and accurate unlock code.

  42. Anri Says:

    My Storm 2 from Verizon is already unlocked. However, the phone number still shows the U.S. number. Any idea on how to change this into my own number? Thanks in advance. I really appreciate your help.

  43. Travis Says:

    I tried to get my IMEI no. and MEP code, however the mep_reader program which u linked on the site, it didn’t work on my bb bold 9700.
    I already paid fee via Paypal.

  44. anworm Says:

    Contact me in gmail or gtalk. I will help

  45. Travis Says:

    I think that i have a problem with my labtop, cuz i’m doing this with privated PC. hence there is some problems with program defender. I’ll send a e-mail later with my own labtop.

  46. Travis Says:

    Hi, i got my IMEI & MEP code, however there is some problem to contact you via Hotmail. Cuz, there is some problem to use Hotmail due to the office firewall as i said yesterday. Is it okay to you that i send the information via gmail? My gmail address is same as Paypal email.

  47. erica Says:

    iya i would like to know if you can change the im numbers on blackberrys ?

  48. sammie daniels Says:

    how do you change the imei number on a blackberry torch?

  49. ram Says:


    When i got my bb storm 2 9550 with verizon sim card, i removed it and insert my own card (another country provider sim card) phone was working about an hour and later card was rejected. Could be that phone was unlocked temporary? It is possible?

  50. mubarak Says:

    Thanks for the SB, I can now get internet on my BB 7130.
    I want to buy the bold 3. Its refurbished and going at a low price. Only prblem: its locked to T-Mobile and all 10 unlock code attempts have been exhausted. I need to know if it can be unlocked before I spend money on it. Thanks.

  51. teensicle Says:

    All you gotta do is visit http://www.mybbunlock.com and they tell you exactly what to do and how to get your code

  52. Sumear Khan Says:

    Right solution to unlock your Blackberry is http://blackberryimeiunlockcode.net . feel free to ask him any question.


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