List OTA download apps

BerryReview’s OTA list

Anworm’s OTA list

1. BlackBerry App World

OS 4.5
OS 4.6
OS 4.7

2. Google Mobile

3. apps

  • QSMS – Press ‘Q’ to Compose SMS
  • MaxMem – frees your precious Blackberry memory
  • ShrinkIt – resizes pictures on your BlackBerry
  • Peek-A-Boo – NEW! – snaps 4 pictures in-a-row apps

Atomichelix Notify! for BlackBerry OTA

Atomichelix Taskify! for BlackBerry OTA

5.Wordpress for BlackBerry


12 Responses to “BlackBerry OTA download”

  1. lokmansalim Says:

    Hi, when i pressed sent in the email, the reply is no connection. how do i bypass and make the email work?
    Appreciate advise, TQ, lokman

  2. Ivan Says:

    Hello afer loading the VSM ID, and opening BB manager, it says that BB desk top software does not have BB device software for the device that you have connected to the computer, and my divice says “No Application Linked” after entering s.t.a.r.t. How can I get the software in the divce once again…

  3. adan Says:

    first of all thanks for the browser it make my storm alive now but i have a question how can i enable mms on my storm i have vertion iknow if i upgrade to 5 i will be able to send mms but i cant bdm wont letme upgrade can you help me please and thankyou for you time sorry for my english…..

  4. jabse Says:

    if i Enable BlackBerry Browser Without BIS/BES, can i use blackberry messenger on GPRS?

  5. lessen Says:

    my name is lessen, from canada , i was looking thru websites to unlock my blackberry curve 8900 and came acrossyour PDF for instructions etc… however i have a mac so im wondering if its the same for me or maybe it wont work.
    days ago i bought an unlock code online , i entered it and the phone said Code accepted but as i tried putting a different SIM card into my phone it never worked 😦 . what i dont understand is why it didnt work although the code was accepted by the phone . do you have any idea please help me . if you know what i can do about it or if you can refer me to a website that would be great thank you

  6. kevin Says:

    hey guys,

    I enabled the browser on my BB tour without BIS (thank you!!) But everyday, the handheld will register with the network and then I will have to restore the service book again to get browser again (because the browser icon will just disappear). Anybody have this problem? What should I do?

    Thanks so much.

  7. adil Says:

    hi.. i wnt to use opera mini 5.1 on my BB9700 USING GPRS OR WAP, since oper mini uses only bis or bes, but i dont take the service
    is there any cracked or hacked version or any other method so that i can use opera mini 5.1 using wap or gprs ??
    plssss help

  8. Anil Kumar Says:

    Hi anworm, I am Anil from kanpur India. since last 10 days I am visiting your site after studying I wants to give a a a very worm thank for your grate and novel job afteral you are fighting ag. BB BIS.

    Recently I bought a BB torch, but indan co.’s like airtel & Vodafone are not providing Gprs services, I am using Vodafone Sim. But on my phone I m facing some problems so please help me out of This.
    1. Net is runing but gmail, yahoo mail and other Mail sites not open and bank site not open to.
    2. I m USIng Bharatberry push mail ( with sendreceive I m receiving mails normally not.
    3. How can use other company (airtel) gprs service which is more faster I can make calls through airtel sim but gprs not.

    I m database programmer I m very well familyr with rdbms specialy ms technology but not java. Thies companies challenge my dignity on name BB BIS/BES. I BOUght This device in 35000 INR & I don’t want to pay INR 950 Per I want to do development for BB & want to unlock BB to but how I don’t know.
    So please gide me in this regard it is possible for you and from where I can thies technical details.
    Thanks & regards



  9. zen Says:

    @kelvin, i have the exact same problem as you. i wonder have you found a solution to it?

  10. hihgherman Says:

    hello please de broser sb u gave contains only email sb. can u please gv me de link to de browser sb thanks

  11. hihgherman Says:

    hello please SB u gave contains only email sb. can u please gv me de link to de browser SB thanks

  12. Youngsocialist Says:

    Hello, I have blackberry 8530 Curve with CDMA. Used to be verizon, now flashed to cricket. I have WAP, but can’t use BB Aps. Will your fix help me use my BB aps?? Especially google map??? I can download, but can’t access or open apps. If yes, do you mind giving me the instruction??? Thank you in advance.

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