I am still here


Hi all.

Thanks for visiting my blog.
Although it is not updated regularly. But I believe it is useful to you.

My main purpose in writing this blog is to guide you enabled Blackberry Browser when you not use the service BIS / BES.

Unlock phone and the problem of MML software is secondary purpose.
I will not answer questions about change imei or pin. in my guide had mentioned and I’ve uploaded the necessary tools. You can do it.

In the future I will collect the tutorial using software such as Facebook, email. etc …. without BIS / BES

Good luck and have fun


9 Responses to “I am still here”

  1. Justin Says:

    thanks for posting again. I’ve got an old 8703 with a broken keyboard, where the alt-s-b-e-b legacy restore mode key combination won’t work 😦 (but it’s on an unbeatable plan where if I change the phone the plan changes)

    Alternatively, I’ve got an almost 8530 I’m getting someone to flash onto metropcs, but he’s saying flashed phones will only work at 1x and 4g (it’s a usa super cheap prepaid provider). I guess service books won’t help too much in my case.

  2. anworm Says:

    if your keyboard broken. you can try old way to add SB to phone.
    1. Remove Browser
    2. Restore Service Book
    3. Reinstall Browser.

    it take alot of time. but it still work with old phone like 87xx

    about 8530. i am not use CDMA so i cant help about this.
    but you can try add Service Book and see what working or not.

  3. antonio Says:

    Hello man, thank u for supporting us. Pls tell me how to set up bb messenger . I got gprs working ok without bis but cant make bbm works, pls help me. Thnk u again

  4. Josef Says:


    thank you for this awesome blog. 🙂

    I have one question regarding SB for Blackberry Bold 9780 with firmware higher than For and above, i’m not able to import the BrowserConfig SB only CMIME. Do you know what i need to change to make it work?

    Thank you very much

  5. Frik Says:

    sorry for being stupid….. where can I downlod “Change pin and imei” Kind Regards Frik

  6. eu Says:

    Hi , thank you for the awesome job you did for me..enabling the browser, I’m a poor guy and I don’t have the money to use a bb plan. I got my 8900 from someone with a big heart.. Is there any way in the near future to enable facebook or yahoo via gprs? Without bb special plan..I have a prepaid sym. I hope u will se my comment.. All the best.

  7. use facebook 1.6, you can find it on my app search engine


  8. kas Says:

    Thanks for being such a help.
    I use a tour 9630, enabled the browser via your method and it works perfectly but problem is, the browser service book deletes any time I do a battery pull. Is that normal?
    Thank you

  9. Joey Says:

    Thank you!!!

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